What is High Frequency Vibration?

The Buzz About High Frequency Vibration

High frequency vibration is a simple, five-minute treatment used by dental professionals across the globe. When combined with aligner therapy, VPro™ :

VPro5 uses high-frequency vibration for better seating of the aligners. This, in turn, helps the teeth track better with the Invisalign trays, leading to more predictable results. As an additional benefit, because the aligners were fitting better to the teeth, I was needing fewer refinements and was able to treatment plan for more difficult movements.

With use of the VPro5 to seat aligners, we are able to offer our aligner patients the following advantages:

  • More treatment predictability
  • Less refinements
  • Less discomfort
  • Better patient compliance with a 5-minute usage time
  • Greater patient satisfaction

Besides the benefits to the patients who are reporting less aligner discomfort because the aligners fit better, we also experience more efficient orthodontic workflow. Because the aligners are seating and tracking better, we can spend less time in each aligner. Now, because of better seating, our patients are changing their aligners faster.