Smiles Gallery


Welcome to our "Smiles Gallery" Page! We are excited you have decided to see some of the beautiful "smile fransformations" by Dr. Parajon. The gorgeous smiles presented below are the work of a Board Certified Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Jorge Parajon, who believes that the essence of a beautiful smile goes way beyond just the sum total of straight teeth! As someone who is passionate about creating beauty through orthodontics, Dr. Parajon's smile transformations are amazingly captivating because they are the result of a combination of clinical skill, artistry, a keen eye for facial balance and an unparalleled dedication to perfection! Are you ready to start your smile transformation today?

***All images were captured by top rated premiere professional photographer, Kim Carpenter of GotGrins? Photography. Feel free to visit her website at For additional views of Parajon Orthodontics smile transformations, visit her Google+ Page and check her out on Kim GotGrins? Photography Facebook.***

***All images are property of Parajon Orthodontics.***

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